Promotional References

In recent years, more and more companies have found pleasure in having their own Bikezac with their logo. The great thing about a Bikezac is that it is an inexpensive merchandise item that gives the owner a lot of pleasure. Gone are the days of pens and mugs. Today, potential buyers really want to see something more impressive. And rightly so - we think 😊
You can use your Bikezac with your company logo/message as a gift for your friends, fans, employees and customers. They will be thrilled by the practicality and beauty of the Bikezac, use it with pleasure and thus advertise for you in your environment, simply by being on their daily bike commutes!
By now we have found a number of partners and can offer various customization options. Starting with a simple screenprint on our standard bags, embroidery and transferprint, up to a completely own production, whereby you can fully express yourself in terms of design.
Here are a number of references that show what different designs have already been realized.
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