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79,95 EUR

U-Zac: A unique bag full of individualistic expression and style, made from Upcycled material! and still with COBAGS Unique railing system which easily attaches to the luggage rack of your bike for a safer journey.

New feature included in the 2022 version!

The U-Zacs now come with a strap where you can attach attach precious belongings with a carabiner etc.

They also come with 2 reflective strips on each side so you can be more visible in the dark.

*Carabiner is not included in the product*

Why is the bag upcycled?
Our Bikezacs are known for its recycled material. This time we tried sth new: Upcycling! We used exclusive cutouts from theater banners of past plays that have been gathering dust in the basement of the Bielefeld Opera for years.

Why is the bag unique? 
Each bag is made from different parts of a singular banner. And each banner has been used for a different play. Meaning no banner and therefore no U-Zac resembles one another. Therefore, each design is Unique! It only exists once and will never be duplicated. Just like U.

The story behind the U-Zac:
Over the last couple of months, we here at COBAGS have been working in close collaboration with Katja Fürhmann from "partikel" and Bielefeld Opera. Our collaboration is based on a shared passion for the practical & sustainable life and rethinking resources.

By combining our resources and strengths, we were able to create this amazing and unique Bikezac:

The secret:
1.    Bielefeld Opera: recognized a reusability in old advertising banners of plays that have been gathering dust in the basement of the theater for years

2.    COBAGS: combining these with an innovative mounting rail - for that extra bit of practicality and safety when biking

3.    Katja Führmann from "partikel": having the talent, flair for beauty and uniqueness to combine these materials and create something unique

That’s the story behind the U-Zac!

U-Zac is Upcycled
U-Zac is Unique
U-Zac is U!


Patented rail system size guide: 

Click Here for original sized illustration




- Dimensions of Bags when flat Approx: H40xW48 cm
- Small Froggy bag dimension:
- H34xW48 cm - Maximum carry capacity: 8 kg.
- Material: Polyester mesh fabric, Upcycled
- Recommended washing method:
- 60 degrees celcius max.
- Machine washable
- Max 800 rpm
We do recommend wash by hand to avoid damage from rail in centrifugation

Click Here for original sized illustration