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[PRE-ORDER] Bikezac 2.0 - Teal

9,75 EUR 13,95 EUR

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Restock ETA: 27.02.2023


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The Teal bag, is inspired by the beautiful colors of the waterways in Cambodia & Vietnam where the plastic is recycled. With just a dash of orange in the logo the bag Pops out in any city image. The orange used is the exact opposite on the color spectrum making it really stand out.

The 2021 version now has added safety feature. The bag is sown with a reflective safety thread, that has luminating effect in the dark, when hit with light. Be more visible with the TEAL bags.

So grab a Teal bag today for that Extra Space on the Go.

About Bikezac 2.0

Bikezac 2.0 is COBAGS second generation of environmentally friendly, safe, durable and convenient shopping bags designed specifically for bicycles. The bags makes it easier to for you to choose the CO2 friendly option when going shopping.

The Bikezac 2.0 bags are made with stronger stitching and a higher quality Woven PP made 100% from recycled plastic. The plastic in the rail is made from a stronger compound than previous productions making the 2.0 version bag much more durable bag than their predecessor.

The new T-shaped handle on the rail system allows for easy detachment using only two fingers, meaning no more need for using the strap to detach the bags.


 Click Here for original sized illustration
When flat: H40xW47xL1 cm
When filled: H40xW29xL18 cm
When folded: H10xW29xL3 cm