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Distortion x COBAGS - Ornli Uzac

79,95 EUR

This bag is a Collaborative Bag

This bag is a true co-bag. A collaborative effort of to make an impact.
In collaboration with Danish street festival Distortion and their less waste dinner, this bag is made from up-cycled mesh banners.

The banners used, was hanging in the street of Vesterbro during the at “Action Hygge” segment of Distortion.

The concept of the dinner was to have as little waste as possible.
So almost everything at the dinner has been recycled or up-cycled.

We (COBAGS) collected the banners,
hand washed them and sent them to Ornli for sewing, with our rail solution.
Ornli is a Danish social enterprise that helps at risk youths and people with drug issues or other conditions.

They provide a place for people to start out and help them take back control of their own life.

This bag is thus the result of a rethinking of social responsibilities for all organisations involved.

The aim:

Less waste, Less problems, more “hygge”.

Thank you for supporting the effort. Hope you enjoy your new bag.
It comes with a lifetime guarantee on the stitching and the rail.

Should any of this break, send it back for a free repair.
Send us an email to for information on repairs



- Dimensions of Bags when flat Approx: H40xW48 cm
- Small Froggy bag dimension:
- H34xW48 cm - Maximum carry capacity: 8 kg.
- Material: Polyester mesh fabric, Upcycled
- Recommended washing method:
- 60 degrees celcius max.
- Machine washable
- Max 800 rpm
We do recommend wash by hand to avoid damage from rail in centrifugation

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