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COBAGS started in Copenhagen the bicycle capital of the world. With 62% of all trips in Copenhagen being made on a bicycle, COBAGS released the first tote shopping bag made to fit onto the luggage carrier of the bicycle. With the Bikezac launching successfully as the first product by COBAGS, the company went on to create and collect more products. With the key focus being on convenience and availability, COBAGS has since developed the Zipzac, as a solution for parents with small children and started selling the Helmmate as an incentive to use protective bicycle helmets.

Bikezac was the first product launched by COBAGS. Containing an innovative mounting rail, the Bikezac is the only clip on shopping bag designed for cyclists. All Bikezacs are 100% recyclable and encourage individuals to cycle as opposed to driving. After being featured on Danish television the next step for COBAGS was to push for the Bikezac to be sold all over the world as a replacement for the single use plastic bags. With Bikezac COBAGS hopes to have a positive effect on the preservation of the environment.

Zipzac was developed using the same principals of the Bikezac mounting rail. With the rail slightly adjusted the Pramzac fits on to certain strollers and prams. The Pramzac is a solution for parents who find that the space in the stroller becomes cluttered with milk bottles, teddies and extra clothes. The Pramzac is a convenience product that with a simple and sleek design provides a solution to a common problem.

Helmmate provides a practical solution to the issue of stowing away your helmet until you need it again. With a small stylish container that can be easily mounted under the saddle, Helmmate is a cover for the bicycle helmet that can be locked so that the helmet can be left on the bicycle without any worry. The rainproof cover is hidden seamlessly under the saddle until is pulled over the helmet and perched on the saddle saving both the helmet and the saddle from getting wet. Helmmate is a product that makes it easy to be safe.


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”We believe there is a need for more simple products. And we will challenge the status quo by having focus on the simple and our customer’s needs.”