COBAGS is here for the shopping cyclists

Do you like to bike? Do you also use your bike for shopping? Then let us introduce you to COBAGS Bags for the shopping Cyclist.

Our bags are the easy, safe and environmentally friendly shopping choice for the cyclists.

Our bags makes it much safer to transport goods on the bike. Bikezac hangs stable on the side of the luggage rack on the back of the bike instead of dangling on the handlebars up front.

Thereby our bags make it easier and more attractive to do the shopping of groceries using the bike.  COBAGS will help save you both time and trouble, instead of having to drag your bike home with bags on the handlebars making everything unbalanced, you can instead safely jump on the bike, even with heavily packed bags.

COBAGS also helps you to save money. Our bags are high quality and durable making them last longer than conventional single use plastic bags. You can reuse COBAGS bags many times. ALL our products last at least 30 plastic shopping bags.

COBAGS aims to help you lead a more environmentally and climate-friendly approach. We believe that it should not just be the right choice but the easiest choice to lead a eco friendly lifestyle.  So grab your bike and a COBAGS bag and help reduce waste on the streets, in the ocean and CO2 emission all at once. Also the exercise is great!