U-Bikebag or Bikebag+?

Are you torn between our U-Bikebag and Bikebag+?
Let's break down the main differences to help you make an informed choice:

U-Bikebag: Easy to Clean

The U-Bikebag is designed with simplicity in mind. One of its standout features is its easy maintenance. Should any spills or messes occur inside the bag, no need to worry! The U-Bikebag can be effortlessly cleaned. Simply wipe down any spills with a damp cloth and dry with a cotton cloth, and voila!

Bikebag+: More Storage Options

On the other hand, the Bikebag+ offers an additional layer of convenience with its inner pocket. This space provides a secure spot for your essentials, ensuring that your wallet, keys, or any small items remain safe and easily accessible. Say goodbye to the hassle of rummaging through your bag to find your keys or wallet; with the Bikebag+, everything you need is right where you left it.


Experience the benefits of upcycled bags

Reduce waste and minimise environmental impact whilst helping those in need.

The lifespan of a banner used to be only 4-8 weeks, sometimes less, but we believe they have so much more potential. By collecting, cleaning, and cutting each billboard down to size, in collaboration with a social enterprise in Slovakia, we're able to turn something old into something new(ish). More importantly, something you can carry daily with confidence!

WHY choose the U-Collection from COBAGS? 


As our banners are sourced from various events, every bag will be created from a unique piece of material. So, your bag is one-of-kind! 


U-collection is produced by a partner factory in Slovakia, which provides a stable work environment and financial support to people who need it the most.


Our bags are sewn from used event banners, which minimises waste generation and lowers our carbon footprint.