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Last updated: 2nd of July 2021 10:26 CEST

We would like to thank you very much for your interest in COBAGS despite in this very hectic time where we are in the mercy of shipping companies who are facing difficulties in logistics. 


We would like to announce that we are again completely sold out thanks to you all! This means we are again standing here with an empty warehouse and again are opening up for PRE-ORDERS with 30% discount. 


The next shipment is estimated to arrive at our warehouse September-October and we pray that it will come in time, in contrast to our current shipment. 

We will of course keep you updated through social media and here. 

We will wholeheartedly thank you for your patience with us. 


Updated in 30th of June 11:47 CEST

The container has today 30.06.2021 been taken of the ship in Rotterdam. We are now awaiting trucking confirmation. Scheduled delivery at warehouse is still set for either Friday the 2nd of July or Monday 5th of July.


Our warehouse will be restocked 3rd-5th of July.

We will immediately start packing and ship the bags in the same week/Weekend. All vacation plans by staff have been cancelled to get your Bikezac to you as quickly as possible. The cause of this latest delay is due to congestion at the European harbours.

The ship with our container is stuck waiting outside of Rotterdam. It is waiting for clearance to enter.


Where are the bags now?

The container with all the bags is currently on a container ship waiting to dock at Rotterdam Harbour. We have now arranged for the container to be taken off the ship and driven to our warehouse from this harbour.

The original docking plan for the ship was to dock at Rotterdam on the 10th of June and then dock at Hamburg on the 15th. The delay is cause by congestion at every harbour. It is currently at anchor waiting for a spot at the docks.Please have a look at the ship radar.

There you can keep an eye on our ship and your Bikezac.Ship name: COSCO NEBULALink to site where you can track the ship:


What have we done to speed up the process?

The original sailing schedule was set up for being in Copenhagen on mid-May 2021.When the schedule got pushed, we decided to ask for earlier pickup by having the container unloaded in Hamburg. This gave us back 2 weeks in delivery time and we were on schedule to have the goods arrive mid-June (around the 18th of June to be exact).

Now it is the 22nd of June, and the goods are still not able to enter Rotterdam. So, at a premium price to us, we will now have the container unloaded from the ship in Rotterdam. This is the best and quickest way possible, but also very expensive as the shipping crew will have to dig out our container from within the original loading schedule. That is what we have done to get the goods home as quick as possible. Unfortunately, the ship is still waiting in line (outside of Rotterdam) to enter into the harbour for unloading. We have been informed that this will not happen until the 29th of June now. It has been waiting, at anchor, for approx. 7 days now and we are simply caught waiting.


Packaging and Shipping of pre-order

Please note: Due to the large number of pre-orders (to date 4550) and the resulting increased packing effort, there will be an extended shipping time. We cannot guarantee that your bags will be packed and shipped on Monday morning. We will proceed chronologically starting with the orders that have been waiting the longest.

Why has it taken so long?

It was simply the fact that our
"just-in-time" strategy was not prepared for all environmental incidents. While delays due to the pandemic were planned for, we could not anticipate a blockade of the Suez Canal and the resulting chaos, including all the delays, in the shipping industry.

We thank you for your patience! 

For more in-depth description of the happening, read our Blog Post about it Here


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