Experience the benefits of upcycled bags

Reduce waste and minimise environmental impact whilst helping those in need.

The lifespan of a banner used to be only 4-8 weeks, sometimes less, but we believe they have so much more potential. By collecting, cleaning, and cutting each billboard down to size, in collaboration with a social enterprise in Slovakia, we're able to turn something old into something new(ish). More importantly, something you can carry daily with confidence!

WHY choose the U-Collection from COBAGS? 


As our banners are sourced from various events, every bag will be created from a unique piece of material. So, your bag is one-of-kind! 


U-collection is produced by a partner factory in Slovakia, which provides a stable work environment and financial support to people who need it the most.


Our bags are sewn from used event banners, which minimises waste generation and lowers our carbon footprint.