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U-Zac - Bouncy Castle - Cool Blue

89,95 EUR

The U-Zac Bouncy Castle is the second upcycling project we have done in collaboration with Katja from Partikel_4800 in Bielefeld.

Now with new features:
A strap to attach your keys to or other precious belongings (Carabiner not included with u-zacs)

- A small pocket for smaller items and to help you organizing.
Note: The pockets come in 3 random colours (White, Orange or Blue)

This time we were able to create cool, urban bike bags out of an old bouncy castle from Volksbank Bielefeld Gütersloh.

As a child, wasn't there anything better than spending whole afternoons on bouncy castles at city festivals and amusement parks?

But have you ever wondered what actually happens to the coated PVC polyester fabric, when the bouncy castle can no longer be used after about 3 years of use, due to wear and tear?

Depending on the size, several hundred kilos of bouncy castle often end up in the trash.
Not with us!

The material of the bouncy castle is perfect for our upcycled bags. The material is stiff enough to hang safely next to the bike as a bicycle bag.

At the same time, it's flexible so you can wear it comfortably as a shoulder bag and it will fit your body shape pleasantly.

The wear and tear from using the inflatable gives the bags a cool, urban look.

This upcycling project is a collaboration between COBAGS and Partikel_4800. Katja from Partikel_4800 has sewn these U-Zacs in complex handcraft from our fastening rail and the bouncy castle of the Volksbank Bielefeld Gütersloh.
Each bag is unique and may vary slightly from the product images shown. It is available in a bright blue, rustic orange and urban white.

Here's some more information about our upcycling vision.

Patented rail system size guide: 

Click Here for original sized illustration

- Upcycled bouncy castle (from Volksbank Bielefeld Gütersloh)
- Black handles.
- Elastic band for easy closing.
- Each bag is unique and may therefore vary slightly from product pictures
- COBAGS new rail system in black.
- Carry Capacity 8 kg.
- The bag should be minimum half full when mounted on the bikes luggage carrier.
- Suitable for all standard bicycle luggage carriers

- Dimension (approximately) when filled: H40xW31xL15 cm